Stage-1: Intial Information Requested from Client:

We seek and obtain basic information from our Clients on required merchandise.

  1. Clear design/artwork or physical sample.
  2. Clear information about Fabrics/material.
  3. Print and embroidery information/artwork if any.
  4. d) Brand label, care instruction label, hang tag, price barcode and others trimming information.
  5. e) Clear instruction about order quantity base on size and color ratio.

packing information.

  1. f) Complete and full commercial information on export requirement.
  2. g) Payment terms and delivery date.


Stage-2: Price Fixation on Customers Enquiry /Request:

After receipt of requirement / enquiry from our Client, we contact and discuss with selected Manufacturers on our Enlisted and Approved List, to arrive at an acceptable price and their ability to fully meet our Clients requirement and demand. It may be mentioned that we have approximately 400 manufacturer/vendors on our database.

On satisfying ourselves of the Manufacturers ability to meet the requirement of our Client, we intimate them of our selection, providing all necessary information /details   at the earliest through email

Stage-3:Quality Fabrics, Trimmings and Sample Service:

On Receipt of Clear Confirmation from our Client about price and other details of design and fabrics, the selected Manufacturer is asked to submit fabric, quality swatch, design sample and trimmings quality for our Clients consideration and Approval.

Stage -4:  TNA Planning with Selected Manufacturer:

We hold a General Meeting in our Office with the Representative of the Manufacturer to confirm TNA (Time and Action Plan). The TNA lays down the fundamentals to prepare for an Agreement with selected Manufacturer to ensure Quality, Quantity and Timely Shipment.

Stage -5: Sales Agreement Between Manufacturer and Importer:

On helping   the Manufacturer and Importer to reach an understanding on TNA, a Legal Sale Agreement is agreed upon and signed by both the parties The Agreement lays down the details of production, terms and mode of payment, opening of L/C, TT, Payment invoice etc.

Stage -6:Ensuring Compliance of TNA:  

In order to ensure that the agreed TNA is complied to the last detail , Archy Sourcing selects and appoints one merchandiser and one expert QC (Quality Controller) to supervise, monitor and report the progress of production with regards to quality , quantity and rate of production, till after completion of shipment.


Step-7: Points Incorporated While Preparing Time and Action Plan :

While preparing Time and Action Plan, the following points are taken into consideration and included in the plan:

  1. a) Submission date of Photo sample/Quality sample.
  2. b) Submission date for pre-production sample
  3. c) Time schedule of yarn supply.
  4. d) Date of completing Knitting/weaving.
  5. e) Date of completing of dyeing.
  6. f) Start date of cutting.
  7. g) Final date of cutting.
  8. h) Start date of print/embroidery.
  9. i) Final date of print, embroidery.
  10. j) Starting date of sewing.
  11. k) Final date of sewing.
  12. l) Start date of finishing.
  13. m) Final date of finishing.
  14. n) Pre-final date of inspection (when 50% of goods completed).
  15. o) Final inspection date (when 100% goods are ready for shipment).


You Tailor remains ever so vigilant through appointments of merchandiser to monitor the different stages and progress of manufacture and production in the garment factory. Merchandiser submits regular, daily/ periodical reports and return to our office indicating progress for our prompt intervention to overcome mistake, faults on qualities and delay in production. This enables us to keep our Client updated for their intervention, with the Manufacturer in consultation with You Tailor.



Stage-8 Our Quality Monitoring Procedure:

You Tailor appoints a Quality Assurance Officer at the Manufacturer’s factory to ensure quality as per the agreed upon order sheet which among other items, includes the following:

  1. a) Checking Yarn Quality when received at the factory.
  2. b) Checking when Knitting/Weaving is in operation.
  3. c) Checking quality of dyes before start dyeing.
  4. d) Checking quality of Fabrics after dyeing.
  5. e) Checking Size set sample measurement and garment shape before start of bulk cutting.
  6. f) Checking of Print/Embroidery quality before bulk production.
  7. g) Sewing quality monitoring during sewing (Reporting on hourly basis).
  8. h) Pre packing check.
  9. i) Pre-final inspection to check labels, workmanship, measurement, price code and any other details before final inspection.
  10. j) Final inspection before shipment to ensure quality level (AQL 1.5, 2.5 or 4.0) and as per Client’s requirement.

Stage-9: Shipment Sample and Final inspection reporting service:

When manufacture of goods are completed in the factory, our Quality Inspecting Officers  carries out final inspection as per International Quality Rule (AQL) 1.5 or 2.5, and as per Client’s  Requirement. We forward and dispatch, our assessment based on our official Final Inspection Format   along with one piece of sample each of different color and size to our Client to obtain their Final Decision and   Approval before shipment.

Stage-10: Shipment Documentation:

After obtaining Final Confirmation from our Clients our commercial experts will checks all shipment documents carefully to ensure that all documents are in order and as per requirements.